Professionals worldwide prefer Proto Industrial Hand Tools for their outstanding quality, durability and dependability. Proto tools are regularly found in auto-manufacturing plants, steel and airplane manufacturing, chemical plants, refineries, general manufacturing, transportation, and fleet maintenance centers.

FAMCO is an important regional distributor for Proto, offering high levels of local availability supported by strong customer service levels.


Tool Storage & Master sets

From starter technician set to complete master set

Offering ranges from starter, intermediate to advanced sets for general industry use to customized technician’s sets for rail roads, avionics, plumbing, aircraft engines and electrical equipment.

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Sockets, Drive Tools & Accessories

Designed for the toughest jobs

Precision pear head ratchet is compact in design and fastens in tight spaces. Reverse lever making it easy to operate with one hand.

Contoured easy-to grip handle with knurled bands allows wet hands a safe grip.

Range includes ¼to 1drive sizes with openings ranging from 1/16 thru 3 ½.

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Torque Tools & Screwdrivers

Easy-to use

Torque wrench parts are of heat treated high grade steel to make them more durable and wear resistant.Come in three ranges:

1. C-Normal torque applications.

2. CX-For extreme precision and accuracy applications.

3. CXCERT Series - Comes with traceability certificate documentation.

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Wrenches & Wrench Sets

Includes standard, extra-long & short combination

All with flex head, open end, angle head, box, deep offset box, ratcheting box, obstruction, adjustable, flare nut, striking, slugging, construction and pipe wrenches.

Exclusive designs like patented (ASD) anti-slip design in open end wrenches.

Lock groove preventing slippage.

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Pullers & Puller Sets

Make a pulling job easier than ever

Multi-purpose pullers reconfigured to handle a variety of jobs.

Wide range of multi-purpose six, eight and ten ton pullers.

Specialty pullers for battery cables, hubs, and steering wheels, and slide hammer pullers.

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Hammers, Chisels, Puches & Pry Bars

High quality tools

Punches and chisels are available in standard and super duty grades.

Made of superior quality grade materials processed through stringent heat treatment processes to meet precise specification

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Tote Bag & Back Pack

Tote Bag & Back Pack

Durable 1,200 x 1,200 denier fabric.

Rigid and waterproof plastic bottom.

Ergonomically designed leather handle.

14 Internal storage loops for maximum organization.

Special storage partition for 12 screwdrivers with 10 external storage pockets.

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Plumbing HVAC & Electrical Tools

Durable and made to the highest quality standards

Line-up includes individual items like wrenches and pliers, master tool sets for each business need pooling in variety of sockets, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers and other tools.PROTO HVAC sets include the starter set, add-on and basic tool sets.

Electrical Tools

This line has more than 300 individual items which includes everything electricians need to cut, crimp, bend, move, doing it faster and safer.

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