FAMCO Oman - Suppliers of BoTT Tools Vehicle Equipment Storage


The Bott Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of In-Vehicle Storage Equipment, primarily for light commercial vehicles.

FAMCO and Bott offers a complete project management service; this involves anything from organizing vehicle movements, design and installation of electrical equipment through to the design and application of vehicle graphics.

FAMCO can provide professional on-site, functional support & install innovative van and vehicle modular storage solutions.


Heavy Commercial Vehicles/Trucks

In-vehicle equipment module

User-friendly with many useful features.

It doesn't matter whether customer’s vehicle is a passenger car or truck, or anything in between.

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Panel Vans / Transporters

In-vehicle equipment solutions optimizes use of available space

No more searching is needed when working in the field, everything needed is ready at hand.

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Light Commercial Vehicles

Big things come in small packages

In-vehicle equipment makes maximum use of space available within a mini-van, ensuring safe transportation and allowing work to be done more efficiently on-site.

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Passenger Vehicles

Equipment solutions

Available for all sizes of vehicle and all branches of industry.

Planned and build custom in-vehicle equipment tailored to customer’s specifications.

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