FAMCO Oman - Rental and Used Equipment


FAMCO Rental is a major option offered to the market through VOLVO RENTS franchise, creating solutions for customers who require a large amount of units for as time-sensitive and critical projects.

FAMCO has been long established as the leading machinery supplier in the region, having a customer focused business module that ensures satisfaction and providing around the clock specialist support for Used Equipment.

From a large supply ranging in age and hours, to Volvo Approved Used (VAU) Construction Equipment and Volvo Approved Used-Factory Overhauled (VAU FO) Road Machinery, and extended services such as Trade-ins and Buybacks – FAMCO Used Equipment offers affordable alternatives to the region.

We provide customers with a much needed resource, especially in times when major capital expenditure for new equipment can be a major challenge.


To rent allows customers to supplement their basic equipment with specific machinery at specific times.

Getting basic equipment with specific rental machinery only when customers need it is a great way to extend fleet and compete for more jobs.

Let someone else handle – and pay for – the warranty, maintenance and upkeep.

Eliminate the need for a large warehouse or storage area.

Customers will not have to worry about their current model becoming obsolete or not having the latest safety features.

Save money by trimming equipment transportation expenses from job to job.

Eliminate the costs and hassles of trying to sell or dispose of old or unused equipment.

Avoid any personal property taxes, depreciation issues and license and registration costs for equipment.

FAMCO is the only rental company that offer a diverse range of products including Trucks & Buses, Construction

Equipment, Road Machinery, Telescopic Handlers, Generator Sets,

Forklifts, Air Compressors, and much more!


Volvo Approved Used (VAU) Construction Equipment

Key benefits:

The machine goes through a thorough inspection using the latest technology.

Unmatched knowledge of Volvo CE.

Unbeatable service, product support and warranty.

Maintenance history.

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Volvo Approved Used Factory Overhauled (VAU FO) Road Machinery

A process unique to Volvo CE road machinery (pavers and rollers).

Used machines go back to the factory that originally made it and overhaul it.

A Volvo paver and roller with max 7000 working hours and max 7 years can be put back in the factory for overhaul.

Main components of the unit are demounted to check the real condition and wear.

If the wear conditions are less than 75% worthy, parts are changed with genuine new parts.

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