The name of Linde Material Handling stands for quality. Ranked among the world’s leading makers of forklift trucks and warehouse handling equipment, Linde is major producer lift trucks and hydrostatic drives used in construction. Industrial trucks by Linde, whether diesel lift trucks, electric forklift trucks or warehouse handling equipment, are made with innovative technology aimed at greater cost-effectiveness in logistics. Linde Material Handling offers expertise in material flow and carefully conceived functionality combined with maximum economy.


IC Heavy Truck (1.4 – 5.0 Tons)

  • H1.4D/T – H50D/T (500 mm LC) (391/392/393/394/350/351)
  • Type – Diesel/ LPG / CNG
  • Max Lift Height – 6475 mm(Standard / Duplex / Triplex)

Capacity range 1400kg to 5000kg.

Fuel-efficient and virtually maintenance-free.

High value loads with sensitive precision andadvanced engine and drive technology.

Precise fingertip control of all mast functions, enables the operator to maximize productivity.

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ElectricForklifts- Electric Forklift (1.0 – 8.0 Tons)

  • E10 – E80 ( 500, 600 & 900 mm LC) (335/386/387/388/1279)
  • Type –ElectricStand and Seat
  • Max Lift Height – 6475 mm(Standard / Duplex / Triplex)

3 & 4 wheeled configuration. Powerful AC maintenance-free twin drive motors combine with twin accelerator control offer impressive, energy efficient performance and safe, precise load handling.

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IC Forklifts- IC Heavy Forklifts (10.0 – 18.0 Tons)

  • H100-H180 D (600 & 1200 mm LC)(1401)
  • Type – Diesel
  • Max Lift Height – 7000 mm(Standard / Duplex / Triplex)

10 to 18-ton heavy forklift truck range incorporates high precision hydrostatic drive train that operates without a gearbox, clutch, differential or conventional brakes. Precision load handling, productivity, seamless acceleration and travel. Impressive cost-effective efficiency and safety.

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IC Forklifts

IC Forklifts (5.0 – 8.0 Tons)

  • H50 – H80 D/T (600 -1100 mm LC) (396)
  • Type – Diesel / LPG
  • Max Lift Height – 9655 mm (Standard / Duplex / Triplex)
  • Capacity range from 5000 up to 8000kg.

Designed to take care of the really tough applications.

Advanced drive technology with powerful diesel and LPG engines.

Powered by a modern, high performance 87 kW diesel engine.

Virtually maintenance-free Linde forklift hydrostatic transmission system

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Warehouse Equipment - Electric Reach Truck (1.0 – 2.5 Tons)

  • R10B-16B / R10-20 G / R14-17X/ R25F (600 mm LC) (1120/116/8923)
  • Type – Electric Stand and Seat
  • Max Lift Height – 12955 mm (Standard / Duplex / Triplex)

Resiliently mounted operator´s compartment that absorbs shocks and vibrations from rough floors. Provide high productivity ensuring optimum intuitive working interface between the operator and the truck.

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Warehouse Equipment - Pallet Transporters (0.5 – 3.0 Tons)

  • M25 / T16-T18 / T20SP – T24SP / CiTi One (032/1152/131/1130)
  • Type – Manual or Electric Powered Pallet

Compact slim line and low profile chassis makes it ideal for working in confined areas.

Electric pallet jack operator safety features include a rugged profiled hand guard and low steel chassis surround to protect the feet.

The SP version has a fixed stand-on platform and is fitted with the innovative e-driver controller, that enables the operator to adopt the ideal 45 degrees driving posture.

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Warehouse Equipment-Pallet Stackers (1.0 – 2.0 Ton)

  • L10B-L16AS / L14-16 AS-AP-SP / L12L – L14L AP-AP (1172/372/133/4525)
  • Type – Electric Pedestrian, Straddle, Double deck, Platform, Seat

Exceptionally cost-effective handling solutions where space is at a premium.

Straddle legs width is adjustable for more flexibility in the warehouse.

The combination of a new AC motor and Linde LAC digital control makes these pallet stackers highly efficient.

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Warehouse Equipment - VNA Combination Trucks (Man Up / Man Down)

  • K Truck / A Truck (011/5022)
  • Type – Electric Stand & Seat

Enhance storage capacity in the smallest space.

Address all key issues of productivity, operator comfort and operating costs.

Perfect solution for all of warehouse's VNA applications.

Designed for high-level pallet load storage and retrieval.

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Warehouse Equipment - Order Pickers Low, Medium & High Level

  • N20 -24 HP /N20 V/VLi / V08/V10 /V (132/1111/1110/5021/5213)
  • Type – Electric Stand and Seat
  • Max Lift Height – 6350 mm (Standard / Triplex)

Superb work station for the operator to cope with the demanding picking tasks. Efficient multi-level order picking in narrow aisles. Comfortable cushioned operators cabin with integrated masts.

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Transportation - Electric Tow Tractors (3.0 – 25.0 Tons)

  • P30 -50 C / P60-80 / W20 / P250 (132/131/1190/126/1191/127)
  • Type – Electric Pedestrian and Seat

P 30-50 - nominal towing capacity from 3000 - 5000kg and is designed for applications requiring efficient internal transport of single or multiple trailer.

W 20- four wheel electric platform tractor series has dual capability of carrying a 2 tons load on the platform and towing a nominal 4.5 tonstrailer load.

P 250 - four wheel electric tow tractor provides the ideal multiple load transfer solution for a wide variety of applications including airports, automotive and military.

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