FAMCO UAE - Suppliers of Fenner Power Transmission Products


For more than 145 years, Fenner has been in the forefront of providing power transmission drive solutions to industry. The company has come a long way with V and wedge belt drives, taper-lock shaft fixings and mechanical variable speed drives.

The full range of power transmission products is made to exact specifications along with shaft mounted speed reducers (SMSR) and geared drives.

FAMCO is an important regional partner for Fenner, providing quality power transmission products with top quality local service and support.


Friction Belt Drives

Classic V Belts, Power Plus Wedge Belts, Cogged Raw Wedge Belts (CRE), Quattro Plus CRE Wedge Belts & Pulleys and Taper Lock Pulleys

State of the art solution for economy efficiency.

Precision built for one shot tensioning.

All belts have superior anti-static, heat and oil resistant properties.

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Chain Drives

Roller Chain Drives, Conveyors, Agricultural & Leaf Chains, Sprockets and Plate wheels

Extensive range for enhanced performance in hostile environments.

Fenner Advanced Chain Technology(FACT).

Increased wear life.

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Synchronous Belt Drives

Timing Belts, High Torque Drive (HTD) and Synchronous Pulleys

Stock sizes to suit all applications and ISO compliant.

Comprehensive range of belt styles.

Quiet, compact, efficient and economical drive solutions.

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Drive Couplings

Fenaflex Tyre, Flywheel Couplings, HRC Couplings, Spacer Couplings, Jaw Couplings and Rigid Couplings

Highly resilient.

Flexible tyre couplings range 24 to 14000 Nm, DBSE & ATEX approved variant.

30 to 3000 Nm range HRC ideal for use with electric motors in taper lock and through bored versions

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Shaft Fixings

Industrial Standard Taper Lock Bushes, Hubs & Adaptors, Keyless Cone Clamping Elements, Keyless Mounts and Bi-loc Bushes

TRANTORQUE GT eliminates keys, key ways, set screws, weak spots on shafts, precise positioning and readjustments.

Bolt on hubs & Weld on hubs is a convenient means to secure shafts, rotors, agitators.

Taper Lock Bushes used in over 40,000,000 applications world over.

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Gear Drives (Gear Motors & SMSR)

Reliable, flexible and efficient - time after time

From small spiral bevel gearboxes through to huge 900,000Nm helical and bevel helical gearboxes, the Fenner gearbox range offers a truly complete solution.

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Motors & Inverters

1.1 to 500 kW range of Motors in 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole configurations in foot, flange and face mountings

ECA compliant premium efficiency motors (EFF1).

High efficiency motors designed to work in the most demanding applications.

Easy terminal box access by virtue of unique design.

Optimum energy efficiency is guaranteed by the use of thermistors.

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Al Dobowi Group of companies

The Al Dobowi Group of companies approached FAMCO for engineering support and solutions for a new large conveying system. The end user, Majan Mining company based Oman required an application for a limestone quarry. A conveyor system was needed to transport the stone across the quarry (over 100 meters) for selecting the Shaft mounted speed reducer gear boxes. FAMCO recommended Fenner Power Transmission products.

A large Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer (SMSR) was used to reduce the speed of the electric motor which had a power of 160 kW. Al Dobowi needed the Shaft mounted speed reducers before October 2014 and all efforts were made to successfully meet this deadline.

The bore diameter was 190mm and it was the first ever to be sold in the Middle East.