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It’s been more than 135 years since Ingersoll Rand introduced its first pneumatic device.Now the global leader of world-class compressed air technologies designs, builds and delivers an array of hardworking products and sensible solutions. From tools and ergonomic lifting equipment, to the air compressor that powers them all.

Inside every Ingersoll Rand product is a patented technology, that delivers reliability, productivity and efficiency.

FAMCO and Ingersoll Rand are partners in providing project solutions, technical expertise and our product range is supported by trained after sales and maintenance programs, ensuring maximum return on investment and minimum life cycle costs.


Rotary Screw Contact Cooled Air Compressors - Small Range (2.2 - 5.5 KW)

Reliable compressed air solution that is space saving.

Reduced number of joints, leak paths and pressure drops to a minimum.

Main motor available in 2.2, 4.0 and 5.5kW.

Motors are rated S1 duty, IP55, with ‘F’ class insulation.

Start/stop pressure switch control.

The rotary screw use lower energy costs to produce the same volume of air, giving additional savings.

Sound levels are as low as 64dB(A).

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​Rotary Screw Contact Cooled Air Compressors - Small Range (5 - 11 KW)

Delivers optimum performance and easier maintenance.

Improved innovations such as a leak-free, next-generation aired, improved seals and a reduced number of components.

Meets the most comprehensive air requirements.

Our Ingersoll Rand R-Series compressors are available with a Total Air System (TAS) option.

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Rotary Screw Contact Cooled Air Compressors - Small Range (15 - 22 KW)

A rugged industrial design, benefiting from many years of advanced compressor design and manufacture. The UP series incorporates many technological advances in a versatile, inclusive package, which can be customized to suit a vast array of applications The UP-Series is more than an integrated air system, it’s a complete air solution designed to maximize the key drivers of profitability in today’s business:

  • Ultimate Reliability
  • Shop Productivity
  • Flexibility Of Operation
  • Energy Efficiency & Saving

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Rotary Screw Contact Cooled Air Compressors - Small Range (30 - 37 KW)

The next generation R-Series compressor features a state-of-the-art airend, optimizing performance, with increase in airflow and decrease in power input, reducing energy usage and total cost of ownership.

  • High performance IE3 induction motor
  • Optional variable speed drive (VSD)
  • Electronic, No-Loss Drain Valves
  • V-Shield Technology
  • Free-floating cooling system
  • Progressive Adaptive Control™ (PAC™) Protection
  • Three-stage separation system with conical baffle
  • TAS Air system Option

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Rotary Screw Contact Cooled Air Compressors - Medium Range (45 - 160 KW)

Designed for total convenience, it is easy to install and simple to operate.

Deliver rated compressed air with reliable efficiency.

The enclosure is designed to manage the environment of the internal components and the cooling ventilation system, at the same time as significantly reducing the sound level emitted from the machine into the installation environment.

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Rotary Screw Contact Cooled Air Compressors - Large Range (90 - 350 KW - Two Stage)

Deliver rated compressed air with reliable efficiency.

Designed to be located on an adequate flat floor without any special foundations and operate without imparting significant vibrations to the installation.

Two stage compressions makes the process very efficient and provides up to 15% more flow then single stage modules.

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Rotary Screw Contact Cooled Variable Speed Air Compressors - Small Range (5.5 - 22 KW)

Embodies advancements in aligning technology and reliability.

Nirvana provides the ability to match compressed air demand while ensuring the lowest power consumption and operating cost.

The TAS option provides one integrated solution for all the required components of a complete compressed air system and offers superior air quality, world class noise levels and no hassle installation.

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Rotary Screw Contact Cooled VariableSpeed Air Compressors - Medium Range (30- 160 KW)

Ultra-reliability and efficiency, virtually maintenance-free operation.

The new Nirvana compressor can produce the most air using the least energy.

Guaranteed efficiencies down to loads as low as 25%.

By matching a standard variable-speed inverter with a Hybrid Permanent Magnet (HPM) motor, Ingersoll Rand is first-to market with a true variable-speed drive Compressor.

In both single- and two-stage, the Nirvana compressor has fewer rotating parts than any other air compressor in its class.

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Rotary Screw Contact Cooled Variable Speed Air Compressors - Large Range (90- 225 KW - Two Stage)

Offers the ultimate performance and is energy savings.

The Nirvana compressor has fewer rotating parts than any other air compressor in its class.

The hybrid permanent magnet motor driving the Nirvana raises the standard on compressor reliability to an unequalled level.

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Rotary Screw Oil Free Air Compressors - Low Pressure Range (37- 110 KW )

For any application where high air purity is essential, the L-Series rotary screw compressor is a highly engineered system solution and energy savings.

Class 0 100% oil-free air, 100% of the time

100% oil-free, L-Series rotary screw compressor eliminates the risk of product contamination in processes requiring air with the highest purity possible.

Highly reliable performance and rugged design, offering 24/7 operation with virtually no downtime.,

Ultra Coat™ protection

The most durable coating in the industry. This advanced rotor and housing coating process ensures unmatched adhesion properties and temperature resistance. The high precision rotors with optimized profile reduce energy consumption. Aluminum on critical components and treated piping prevent corrosion.

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Rotary Screw Oil Free Air Compressors (37- 300 KW )

The SIERRA oil-free rotary screw compressor is an electric motor driven, continuous duty, two stage rotary screw compressor.

Totally self-contained air compressor package is pre-piped, wired and base-plate mounted, with star-delta-starter and control panel, tested and shipped complete.

Quiet operation is ensured through a complete sound attenuating enclosure.

Coated with Ingersoll Rand patented Ultracoat™the thinnest and the most durable coating on the air compressed industry. This coating along with extensive use of stainless steel for critical sealing and rotor parts provides the corrosion protection for even the most demanding applications.

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Rotary Screw Variable Speed Oil Free Air Compressors (37- 160 KW )

The oil-free rotary screw compressor is an electric motor driven, continuous duty, two stage rotary screw compressor. It is a totally self-contained air compressor package, ready for startup. The unit is pre-piped, wired and base-plate mounted, VSD driven fully integrated with the HPM® (Hybrid Permanent Magnet®) motor, unique on the air compressed industry.

Ingersoll Rand oil-free rotary screw compressors unleash the full potential of variable speed technology. You get ultra-reliability and efficiency, virtually maintenance-free operation and the peace of mind of knowing your air is 100% pure

The oil free Air compressor ,with a matching standard variable speed inverter and HPM motor coupled with a time proven ,Oilfree compression module represents a stunning advance in compressor technology .The Oilfree-rotary compressors provides unparalleled energy efficiency at all speeds and offers superb reliability

Reciprocating Air Compressor -Piston Aluminium (1.1 - 7.5 kw )

A portable direct drive reciprocating compressors available in 1.1 and 1.5 kW configurations.

The reciprocating belt drive units are available up to 3.0 kW in a portable configuration and from 4.0 to 7.5 kW in a fixed configuration, and are designed for intermittent duty applications such as roofing, framing, painting, carpentry and general maintenance requirements.

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Reciprocating Air Compressor - Type 30 (2.2 - 22 kw )

Designed for heavy shop or industrial use, such as automotive service and body shops, machine shops, construction, car washes and manufacturing lines.

T30 2-stage lubricated compressors, provide the quality and performance.

The range comprises of value and premium packages, both come in either an 11 bar g receiver mounted or 14 bar g base-mounted configuration.

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Reciprocating Air Compressor - Type 30 High Pressure (2.2 - 15 kw )

Used in industries such as refueling stations, beverage plants and power stations.

This is a series of base-mounted piston compressors that provides pressures as high as 345 barg.

Consistent with the 2-stage lubricated range, the high pressure units offer reliability, durability and ease of maintenance.

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Refrigerated Dryers

This range provides a small footprint with complete, affordable solutions for applications ranging from dry cleaning to automotive body shops, to light processing and manufacturing applications. The high capacity units are designed for large-scale industrial, automotive and petrochemical applications.

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Heatless and Heated Blower Desiccant Dryers

Desiccant type dryers are required to supply high quality, clean and dry compressed air for applications such as Instrumentation,Oil&Gas,Chemical,electronics ,food and beverage industry.

Ingersoll Rand heatless and heated blower desiccantdryers—are engineered for easy access, maximum

efficiency and long life—are delivered in a state-of-the-art low profile package, making installation and operation a snap!

Our new dryers offer the state-of-the-art Energy Management System (EMS) that maximizes energy efficiency while

Maintaining a constant dew point. By using a humidity sensor to continuously monitor the dew point, EMS minimizes the compressed air used in regeneration, and optimizes heater and blower operation.

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Air Filters

The F-Series filters reduce contamination in the air stream to help protect critical processes and valuable equipment.

The filters are rigorously tested and engineered with components to provide years of reliable performance and consistently high-quality air.

Dust, All-Purpose and High-Performance Filter Air. High Pressure and High Temperature Filtration versions also available

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Electrical and Pneumatically operated versions available

High efficiency water separator with threaded connection / Automatic float drain / Support legs / Mounted thermometer.

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Vertical Receivers

Carbon Steel, welded simple pressure vessel, externally primed complete with fitting kit comprising of drain valve, safety valve and pressure gauge, each receiver supplied with certificates of conformity, each safety valve supplied with certification ENLD Drain in option.

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Centrifugal Oil free Compressors

Ingersoll Rand new line of system optimized centrifugal compressors, continues the tradition of Simplicity by Design. Fewer parts and integrated components take compressed air reliability, efficiency and asset availability to even higher levels.

The first to be certified ISO 8573-1 Class 0, our oil-free centrifugal compressors offer efficient, economical and reliable solutions for delivering compressed air. These high-performing, versatile compressors provide 100% oil-free air in all operating conditions.

Capital and maintenance costs account for only a small portion of a compressor’s lifecycle cost.

Category Capacity (m3/min) Discharge Pressure bar (g) KW range
Small/medium Flanged Units 25 - 115 1 - 10.5 170 - 700
Medium /Large baseplate units 42 - 800 1 - 10.5 350 - 4500
Engineered /API 672 units 42 - 800 1 - 10.5 350 - 4500
Booster 30 - 650 upto 41.5

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Design, Engineering, Installation, Piping, Electrical, Control & Instrumentation, Engineered solutions to meet special applications and environmental conditions, Skid package solutions.

Engineered Centrifugal API 672 Package & Engineered Rotary API 619 Package.