FAMCO UAE - Suppliers of Ingersoll Rand Tools


Ingersoll Rand designs, builds and delivers tools and ergonomic lifting equipment, to the air compressor that powers them all, no matter the application.

Inside every Ingersoll Rand product is a patented technology. All tools are dedicated to reducing operational costs through efficient, reliable products, innovative maintenance services to maximize performance across the entire project.

FAMCO and Ingersoll Rand are partners in providing project solutions, technical expertise and our product range is supported by trained after sales and maintenance programs, ensuring maximum return on investment and minimum life cycle costs.


Titanium Impact Tools

3900 Series

Newest generation of 1 and 1 ½ impact tools.

Revolutionary design delivers power and durability.

Three motor sizes gives performance up to 6779 Nm of reverse torque.

7 vane motor power up to max speed quicker.

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G Series

Industrial grade tools for the most stringent requirements in productivity, serviceability, reliability and cost of ownership will qualify for the prestigious productivity rated stamp.​

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Cordless Tools

IQ V Series

Engineered for heavy-duty industrial maintenance and automotive applications.

Proprietary mechanisms and drive train designed to last up to 5 times longer.

Patent pending IQ V twist lock battery interface for a connection.

One charger for all IQ V batteries increases power.

Active electronic protection prevents premature battery damage.​

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Automotive Tools

Over 100 different products

Offers the most comprehensive range of automotive service tools to meet every air tool needed in body repair and service workshops, exhaust and tyre shops.

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Air Starters

Flexible, efficient alternatives to electric sources

Perfect for a wide range of industrial, marine, and automotive applications.

Offers over 200 cataloged models of air starters.

Maintains data on hundreds of special application air starters for extreme conditions.

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ARO Diaphragm Pumps

Expert Series

Up to 40% more efficient than competitive pump models.

The mean time between failure for EXP is up to four-times longer than competitive pumps.

Provides the best cost of ownership of any diaphragm pump in the market today.

Pro Series

Robust construction with thick walled injection, molded fluid casings and cast iron or aluminum center sections to withstand the toughest industrial application.

This series is efficient, reliable, versatile, environmentally sound and delivers good serviceability.

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