FAMCO is the authorized dealer for Volvo Trucks in UAE


In the UAE, Volvo is exclusively represented by FAMCO.

The Volvo range of trucks include; long haul trucks, on and off-highway dump trucks, special application trucks for moving cargo in quarries, oil fields, the desert, construction sites or for rescue operations.

FAMCO is a key partner in Volvo’s regional and international network and is committed to providing customers with a complete range of maintenance and support services that uphold its core values of quality, safety and environmental care.


Volvo FMX Rigid Truck

For the toughest of construction duties

  • Gross vehicle weight: 34 to 50 tones
  • Driveline configuration: 6x4 / 8x4 : I-Shift/manual
  • Chassis height: 900 to 1240mm
  • Engines: D11A: 370hp & D13A: 400hp
  • Cabs: day cab

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Volvo FE Rigid Truck

Professional. Like you

  • Gross vehicle weight: 8 to 26 tones
  • Driveline configuration: 4x2 / 6x2: I-Sync /manual
  • Chassis height: low, medium & high
  • Engines: D7E: 240, 280, 320hp

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Volvo FH16 Tractor Head

The awesome new Volvo FH16

  • Gross combination weight: up to 250 tones
  • Driveline configuration: 6x4 / 8x4 : I-Shift
  • Engine: D16C: 550 & 610hp
  • Cabs: Sleeper cab, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL

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Volvo FH Tractor Head

The everlasting machine

  • Gross combination weight: up to 100 tones
  • Driveline configuration: 4x2 / 6x4 : I-Shift
  • Engines: D13A: 400, 440, 480, 520hp
  • Cabs: Sleeper cab, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL

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An upgraded fleet management tool

  • Streamlines planning and execution of transport assignments.
  • Delivers a complete overview of the customer’s fleet.
  • Analysis tool for optimal truck usage and driver performance. Dynafleet application available on iPhone or iPad.

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Volvo Service Contracts

Tailored service plan for vehicle specification & driving pattern

  • Increases vehicle uptime, giving full control over customer’s truck maintenance and repairs – at a fixed monthly fee.
  • Two service contracts to choose from Blue or Gold.
  • Blue covers all the preventive maintenance on the truck.
  • Gold covers both maintenance and repairs on the entire truck.

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100th High Lift Volvo catering truck delivered to Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC)

On Thursday the 26th February Paul Floyd, Senior Managing Director of FAMCO handed over the 100th High Lift catering truck based on the Volvo FL240 to EKFC. The relationship between FAMCO and EKFC started in 2004 and have grown from strength to strength. FAMCO has a 40% market share with this customer. These vehicles are used to deliver the approximately 150 000 meals a day produced by EKFC as well as all the linen, bar and duty free trolleys directly to the aircrafts.

First New FH fleet - Bilal General Transport

Bilal General Transport (BGT) comprises mainly of Volvo trucks, with in excess of 200 Volvo trucks and in the process of taking delivery of additional units.Well organized, BGT believe in maintaining their leadership in their various transport and contracting operations.Bilal General Transport believe in availability and upgrading to the current technology. Their fleet of Volvo truck includes maximum number of I shift units.

1000th i-Shift unit delivery to Tarwada

Tarwada Cargo Transport by Heavy trucks, are one of the leading transporting companies in the UAE.Their current fleet size is approx. 100 tractor head units - 44 are VOLVO FH440 6X4 T units.They purchased the 1000th i-Shift unit from FAMCO on 2nd June, 2014.A Volvo/FAMCO client since 2013, Tarwada have an ongoing orders for the supply of NEW FH units.